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Vision Value and Ethos

Our School Values

Value - principles or standards of behaviour;

Our Trust values are Empower, Motivate, Aspire and Transform. These values are included throughout our academy values, which are: -

Aspiration – I can aspire to achieve my best in everything I do, and transform myself as a learner;

Trust – I can be honest and tell the truth to ensure everyone is happy;

Kindness – I always consider the needs of everyone in my community, and strive to include all; I can share and take my turn;

Forgiveness – I am ready to start afresh and look forwards; I am allowed to make a mistake, say sorry and move on;

Respect – I can wait my turn; I listen to others and their opinions; I choose my words carefully; I look after my belongings and those of others; I respect those in my community;

Resilience – I am motivated to keep going when things are tough, and empower myself as an independent learner;

Safety – I can keep myself and others safe by following instructions from adults in school, by playing safely in the playground and in the community.

We also have the following expectations of every child within the academy:

  • We will always act safely
  • We will always be a good listener
  • We will always be a good learner
  • We will always co-operate
  • We will always show respect
  • We will always be fair
  • We will always allow people to make appropriate choices
  • We will always consider the feelings of others

Mission statement:

‘Where Everybody Matters’