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Music Intent and Implementation 



To us, Music is powerful. 

It is not something you can see and yet: it can make us want to move or change the way we feel; it can tell a story or bring the past to life; it can unite people or scare people; it can paint pictures in our minds; it can convince us to buy things or change our opinions on important topics; it can motivate us and energise us, or lull us to sleep; it can console us when we are in difficult times.  

We believe that music is an important feature of everyday life, and we can find its presence in many forms. As a society, we experience music through our devices, televisions, elections, the military, places of worship, radios, shops, toys and in the nature that surrounds us. It’s in every country and every culture and can form part of our identity.  

Therefore, we intend to immerse our children at Raleigh and Admirals Academies in a varied selection of musical styles and activities, so that they can find feel the power of music which runs through our communities. 


At Raleigh Infant and Admirals Academies, we use Charanga to support the delivery of our Music curriculum.   

Through Charanga, our staff lead an active learning experience. This involves hands-on musicianship for every student, but also opportunities to engage with music, through listening, playing and understanding music. 

We progressively revisit and build upon the interlinking elements of music that are introduced in the early years, while simultaneously exploring music’s broader role in society in an age-appropriate manner. It is our hope that our pupils are not only empowered to be the best musicians they can be, but also lifelong learners and lovers of music. 

The musical selection used by our teachers via Charanga, help our learners explore and discuss social themes and link to global history throughout the years. To do this, each of the six units in every year group is linked to a abroad Social Theme, as shown in the table below.  

Children at Raleigh and Admirals Academies are given extra opportunities to immerse themselves in music, for example taking part in our Rock Kidz day, Year 6 children taking part in the Young Voices concert, singing in school performances, as well as after school singing and drumming clubs.