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Design and Technology Intent and Implementation


At Raleigh Infant and Admirals Academies, we provide the children with a design and technology curriculum, through PKC, which allows them to exercise their creativity through designing and making a range of products. 

Children are taught to combine their skills with knowledge and understanding, including that from other curriculum areas, in-order-to design and make a product. 

Evaluation is an integral part of the design process, which allows children to adapt and improve their final piece. We feel this is a key skill they will need as they move through life. 

The Curriculum is delivered alongside the PKC Art, Science and History curriculum, as parts of it directly relate to areas of knowledge which the pupils acquire in these subjects. Where a unit looks at concepts which are also addressed in these subjects, the design and technology unit is generally taught after these units in these other disciplines. This allows the children to approach their study of design and technology with a degree of confidence and ‘expertise’ and to consolidate their knowledge by creating connections between the different disciplines. It should be noted that the curriculum does not include the study of digital programming and computer aided design as these elements of design and technology, as specified in the National Curriculum, are covered in the computing curriculum.